out of tune

Find Music - The New Way



is a web application, where you can discover all kind of music, even some you never heard of before. You can start off by searching for your favourite artists, and then start exploring from that point. You can broaden your taste in music or find new artists similar to the music you already like.


We think that the music we hear shouldn’t be determined by algorithms or marketing campaigns. It should be decided by ourselves and our own experiences. We know that there is a overwhelming amount of music available. We also know that nobody can listen to every single piece of music out there. With out-of-tune we think we have found a solution to solve that problem.


out-of-tune enables you to go on a journey through the vast amount of music available. Assisted by various functions in our app, you will never lose track of where you are, and how you got there.

Why out-of-tune?

The internet enabled us to listen to vast amounts of music. This is, in its roots, a great development, because you may listen to music you have never heard of before.

However this endless amount of music causes some major problems: How are you going to navigate through it? How do you find songs you might like? How do you get everything and don’t miss out on some awesome artists?

Status Quo

In recent years a solution arrived: algorithms. Big companies collect huge amounts of data about you. For example how you are using your streaming service of choice or which links you click or which videos you like to watch. With this data they can build a profile.

On one hand they use this profile to predict which artists you might like, on the other hand they might sell this data to advertising companies, who might use the information about you for nefarious purposes. These predictions might work well at first but soon you are trapped in your own taste of music or to be exact in the assumptions the algorithms makes about you. With out-of-tune we want to enable you to opt-out.

Our Philosophy

We thought of a concept how almost anybody can handle large amounts of data, without loosing control. You can navigate on your own. You have the choices about all the parameters, because we just want to help you to find the music you like.

out-of-tune is the result of this thought process.

How does it work?

The data is visualised in a networking-graph. Each dot (also called a node) in this network represents something in the world of music for example an artist.

These nodes are connected to other nodes, represented by lines, e.g. an artist has music in different genres and therefore is connected to different genre-nodes. You can click on nodes to interact with them. This allows you to handle all of our collected data in an interesting way. You can listen to a sample of an artists work, see how many songs he made, or learn other interesting facts.